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Anti-Catholicism in Lawton

Beloved in the Lord,

Living where we do and being a "religious minority" we often hear ignorant comments about the Catholic faith.

Sometimes when confronted by bible-quoting acquaintances we don't know how to react since we don't have bible passages memorized. This might make us feel inadequate and embarrassed.

We might even think, "Maybe what they are saying is true."

We have to remember as Catholics sometimes we speak "another language" from non Catholics when talking about our faith. The words they use might be similar but the meaning is often different.

Because someone can quote chapter and verse of the Bible does not prove they know what the quote actually means or how to apply it to life.

Among non Catholics there are many misinterpretations of the Bible.

Some non Catholic groups believe that certain teachings must be in the Bible, "word for word" otherwise these teachings are false.

Long before the books of the Bible were written down or compiled in a book there was the Church.

The community of believers founded by Jesus Christ and preached by the Apostles existed before the Bible. The Church that existed from the time of Christ is found in the Catholic and Orthodox Churches alone. No other "church" can claim that it goes back to the time of the Apostles.

When someone quotes from the Bible to tell you the Catholic Church is wrong, tell them,

My Church gave you your Bible.

Folks can quote the Bible but if they don't have the guidance of the Holy Spirit which Christ promised to the Church they can and often do wrongly interpret it.


My Church gave you your Bible.

A local group recently put an ad in the Lawton Constitution. It stated that a number of titles (but not beliefs) found in the Catholic Church were "not found" in the Bible.

Below is the response sent to the leader of this organization.

In charity let us remember this group.

yours, in Christ,
fr. Phil

Anti-Catholicism in Lawton

Seek and You Will Find (Mt 7:7)


What came after the New Testament?
The Church founded by the Lord Jesus is still alive today (1 Tim 3:14-15)
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The faith once delivered to the saints is still taught and lived (Jude 3)
The fellowship of love still continues (Hebrews 10:24)
"Come and See" (Jn 1:35-39)

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