Padre Pio Shrine

Saint Pio was an Italian Capuchin priest born in Pietrelcina, Italy, May 25,1887. He died on September 23, 1968 in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy. He was the only priest who has received the Wounds of Christ (stigmata). (St. Francis of Assisi, who also bore the stigmata, was a Deacon.) St. Pio's life was the supreme mystical involvement in the Passion of Christ as never seen before. The love of Jesus and Mary, and the redemption of souls burned in him every second of his day through the Mass (3 hours), the confessions (8 hours), and innumerable Rosaries (15 decades at least 12 times a day). He would go for healing and comfort all over the world without leaving the convent, accompanied by an intense perfume; he advised penitents on future events and reminded them of forgotten sins. He was on familiar terms with his Guardian Angel and all the heavenly inhabitants, and the Souls in Purgatory. His wounds never stopped bleeding. His body never stopped suffering. His mind never stopped thinking of God. His lips never stopped praying, and his heart never stopped loving. Relic of Saint Padre Pio Venerated at Holy Family Catholic Church. The authenticity of the relic has been certified in writing on June 24, 2011 by Padre Carlo Maria Laborde, Superior Guardian of the Convent where Saint Padre Pio lived in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy.

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