Infant Baptisms

Congratulations on the birth of your child! If you are seeking baptism for your child parents must be registered and attending Mass at Holy Family parish for at least three months prior to the requesting baptism.

Parents seeking baptism should be married in the Catholic Church since this is part of living the Catholic faith. If you are not married in the Church we will be happy to assist you in doing this.

A class to help parents prepare for baptism is required.

Parents should contact the Parish Office since you must register for the next baptismal class.

Baptisms are only scheduled after the class is completed. The class must be completed one month prior to the baptism. After you have attended the baptismal preparation class parents must call the parish office to schedule the baptism.

Parents must provide a birth certificate when they attend the baptismal class, please make sure you bring the birth certificate to the class.

Since a godparent promises to help parents raise the child in the faith of the Church, he/she must be a confirmed Catholic who is practicing the faith.

If married they must be married in the Catholic Church.

If godparents are not members of Holy Family parish they must have a letter from their pastor stating that they have attended a baptismal preparation class in their parish and are attending Mass on Sundays and registered members of a Catholic parish. The letter must be sent to the parish office with the name of the child to be baptized at least a month prior to the baptism. Without the letter no one can serve as a godparent.

Parents must call to confirm the time and date with the Priest or Deacon who will be celebrating the baptism, two weeks prior to the baptism to make sure everything is ready.

Baptisms during Mass are only celebrated on the third weekend of the month.

If you would like your child baptized outside of Mass, the baptism will be celebrated by a deacon on all other weekends. 


Contact Deacon Jim Coe
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